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The History of AudioFan 

On 26th of September 1988 a small group of audio equipment fans, led by Piotr Wójcicki, who had been running one of not so numerous services of professional audio equipment at that time, decided to establish a company that would make their dreams come true.

AudioFan - that was how the company was named - during first few years based its activity on servicing high end audio equipment, as well as designing technical projects and solutions for professional applications destined for retail sales and audio equipment distribution.


AudioFan was the pioneer who introduced many prestigious brands to Polish market.

The firms were chosen according to certain pattern: their offer, which would allow to address and embrace the topics in the area of AudioFan interests.

These were complex solutions for radio stations, TV stations, recording studios, conference systems, closed circuit systems (wire broadcast), sound amplification for concerts, stage equipment for musicians and tape duplication systems and HiFi and High END systems.

AudioFan has become an authority for competitors.

They have been observing and learning how to run the company, what methods of customer service to apply, how do the products work and how to link them in systems.
AudioFan became the reference in relation to modus operandi and pricing technique.

 In its way AudioFan created a new situation on the market for trading companies: the role of a pioneer -teacher.

AudioFan is a creative company and requires a high level of professionalism from their foreign co-operators as a must.

Their main goal was not merely to purchase and sell the machinery with the brand name of a given company, but to establish partnership with a foreign associate who is able to guarantee now and in future technical backup services, access to new technologies, breakthrough novelties, high end equipment and spare parts for these.

The headquarter' premises consist of 400 square meters of office space, 800 square meters of warehouse space (including bonded customs house and  2 demo studio-recordings), 250 square meters of showroom space, 150 square meters of service department space (altogether with testing and measurement rooms), modern means of transport and communication.

There was created a test studio for listening and evaluating specific loudspeakers and connecting equipment in sets, matching the customers needs and preferences.

Professional set of measurement and service equipment (of total value over 100,000 USD) that has been completed in AudioFan still remains not available for competitors in measures of completeness and quality standards.

AudioFan employees designed literally hundreds of projects for private radio stations from 1994 (the onset of private radio stations licences in Poland). Up till now we have executed 185 commercial radio station installations (literally from the scratch: antenna and transmitter, recording studio, emission/broadcast studio, and reporters' equipment).

It is AudioFan who has promoted such novelties as:


DAT tape recorder (we were the first to present it and sell the accessories as early as 1990)


RDS (Radio Data System; we distributed and made it popular)
While driving a car we can see the information on a receiver's screen such as a name of the station, its frequency and telephone number, little do we realise that it is AudioFan who introduced the system to the market and made it popular.


radio link for reporters’ cars and radio stations’ mobile transmission cars in the range 300-400 MHz

We offer  the biggest dealers network as far as high quality consumer and professional equipment is concerned. It provides continuity of deliveries, 24 hour service, technical design assistance and complex solutions. 


Because of the long-term policy 

                                                   AudioFan became the biggest company in Polish audio business.

                                                          We know everything about audio market in Poland


Besides the distribution department which  supplies the whole Polish market with  home audio equipment - there are a few specialised departments within the company: technical service of the above mentioned firms,  professional department (distribution), design department (customised projects for TV stations, radio stations, recording studios, sound amplification for Cultural Centres and theatres, concert [road-shows] sound amplifications, all types of conference systems and closed circuit systems (wire broadcast)... virtually everything connected with audio technique. 

The type of activity resulted in encounters of professionals as well as audiophiles at the AudioFan premises and the music milieu found its meeting place: the place where musicians, audiophiles, and Television and broadcasts Radio stations employees.

The majority of our customers become our friends, so the AudioFan family has considerably grown and created a circle of fans of audio technique.  


  Audiofan Team